Welcome to the worldbuilding page! Here you can find some of the details we’ve written about Idenau and its residents over time.
These pages were scattered throughout our blog, so we decided to collect them in one place, broken down by category. None of these are required reading, but they should help you understand the world and plot a bit more. Also, none should contain major spoilers for the main story, so you can read them whenever you feel. We do recommend you get into the story before coming here though – it’ll make more sense when you have context!

Encyclopedia Entries
These are found in the midst of the comic itself and in the archive, but we’ll link them here for easy reference.
Captain Silverskull

Character Details
Spare Time: Skärva Edition
Spare Time: Derk Edition
Pronunciation Station – Courtney talks about how to pronounce some of the more contentious names we’ve come up with!
Sharkman Biology – get inside Skärva’s head!

Assorted worldbuiling notes
Salamandrian Development – the lifecycle of Salamandrians, which is not divulged on the encyclopedia page.
In the Navy – in this post and the comments below we answer some assorted questions generally related to seafaring.
A Follow-Up – a report on certain revolutionary plant people in Wilderfall.
Working at Castle Skärva – more detail on the castle and what it’s like to live and work there.
Magic Items and Magic in the Arts – what are some common uses and limitations of item enchantments? How do Idenians view art, including music and theater, that was created in part with magic?
Healing Magic – What is healing magic and why does it require general medical knowledge? What makes Lorelei exceptional to these rules?
Anti-magic – a bit on the rare material which interrupts spells and can have harmful effects on the mind.
Open Session – in the comments we cover a few assorted topics including characters’ favorite colors and ages, and magic in society.

Six major holidays are celebrated in Idenau, one for each god and goddess. They are spaced evenly throughout the year at approximately two months apart (although not exactly, as each is held on the respective weekday dedicated to the deity) and some bear resemblances to holidays in our world. Click to learn more about the holidays we’ve revealed so far.

Lightfest – New Year’s festival of love, hope, generosity and new beginnings. Midwinter.
Medifest – Mid-spring festival celebrating (primarily romantic) relationships.
Normafest – Harvest celebration of food, family and gratitude. Marks the beginning of fall.
Havocfest – Atumnal festival of trickery, practical jokes and dressing up.

Creative Process
The Meta-Session: We answer questions about our inspirations and process.