Readers who donate a certain amount to the comic can design a recurring minion with a personality of their choosing! Here’s a gallery of all the Reader Characters so far. You’ll see these guys pop up from time to time.

Angus | Reader: Venndy
Angus the Flish is a very particular minion, obsessing over how to arrange things and complete tasks in just the right way. He also has a protective streak, and is known to yank his coworkers out of trouble or even appear with first aid before Lorelei or the respawners can show up.

Sharkey | Reader: Dac
This scar-covered Lurkin works as Castle Historian, but tells few of his own past.

Cammy | Reader: Lin
The overworked Lurkin in charge of stocks and supplies at the castle. There are some who thinks she takes her job too seriously, but you kind of have to with a boss like Skärva.