Courtney Svatek and Victor Acuña are graduates of Rice University in Houston, where he majored in Computer Science and she in Linguistics. Victor initially caught Courtney’s attention by playing the sweet sounds of video game music on his accordion, from which point onwards commenced a courtship ritual of SNES games and awkward dancing. Today, they form one of those couples that go everywhere and do everything together. From Courtney’s lifelong love of drawing cartoons, Victor’s love of comics, and their mutual love of video games, The Fourth was born.

The Fourth is a story-comic, and while we try to keep it consistently humorous, it’s meant to be read from beginning to end. While essentially a parody of adventure games and the odd and helpless situation of being a villain in such, it is also a tale of family, friendship, fate, and much more, and we do take the characters seriously. Mostly, though, it’s fun, and we want you to laugh. It’s been an immensely rewarding experience crafting a world and its characters together, and we hope you enjoy it half as much as we do.

Courtney Svatek (altermentality) likes drawing things with sharp teeth, crazy hair, and capes. She also likes eyebrows, she REALLY likes eyebrows. Her favorite animals are crocodiles. Oh, and she’s a cyborg, implanted with an advanced cardio-control mechanism (because that sounds cooler than a pacemaker).

Keep in touch with her here and check out her other art.

Victor Acuña (AbscondWithAPie) An elusive and mysterious figure. When he’s not concentrating on his latest programming project, he’s looking for deals to expand his LEGO collection. He is a visionary when it comes to French fry dips, although he loves his traditional ketchup as well. As the webmaster, he set up and manages this site. As the writer, he keeps Courtney from giving the characters depressing backstories. He was once in a barbershop quartet.

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