Ever since the First and his rather unethical business practices, the Tiberius Skärvas have been accursed by the gods. While technically still human, they possess the appearance and certain traits of sharks. And the Fourth, like all before him, has learned that no matter how warm your smile, a mouthful of jagged teeth doesn’t easily win you the affections of your fellow man. So why bother trying? Why not just shoot for their fear and subjugation instead?
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As Skärva’s right-hand lackey, Derk is evil, but not in a bad way. In fact, he’s a pretty great guy. Sharkman or not, he follows Skärva like a puppy and would defend him until the bitter end. He’s good at carrying things, and pushing things, and also holds quite a few secrets. He likes reading and cooking when he’s not protecting his Boss or handling minion resources concerns at the castle.
Font: a custom font created by Courtney! (she calls it “Bacon Bits”)


A mysterious little girl, her memories are addled. She has no idea where she came from, and she obviously never had a mother who warned her to stay away from strange shark people. Good thing she’s a healer, and cute. Very cute. Skärva keeps her around because of the whole healing thing, and nothing else. He hates kids! Her big eyes and sweet smile when he found her wandering alone have NOTHING to do with it.
Font: Dear Kelly

The Hero of the Gods, he was Chosen (seemingly out of a hat) and blessed at birth, destined to smite down evil, bushes, and vases. He rides around with a holy sword and a holy bow on his trusty holy cow. He doesn’t seem that interesting a kid, yet he cannot be beaten or outsmarted, by Skärva or anyone else. The gods really must be on his side, and that’s enough to garner Skärva’s hatred.
Font: 123 Marker


The princess of Idenau is all too savvy that her role in life is to be kidnapped again and again, until she is married off to some stuffy lord or, if she’s “lucky,” to a courageous and totally boring hero whose only topics of conversation are swords and steeds, and whose only goal for the future is to find another bottle. Having resigned herself to a life as a puppet to forces beyond her control, she sits back and watches the petty dramas of her kingdom, drowning herself in gossip from far and wide.
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Ecta has served the Skärvas since before she was dead, which was long before The Fourth was alive, and she was notorious around the castle for her bossiness even then. Like the other household servants of Tiberius the First, she had to share in the family’s curse to some extent, and that meant being rejected by the gods upon her untimely death and forced to wander the world of the living as a spirit. Are you starting to understand why she’s so mad all the time?
Font: Arsle Gothic


Floyd’s carefree and friendly attitude has made him one of the most popular minions at Castle Skärva. His messy blonde hair helps with the ladies, too. You’d never guess he was teased as a little Lurkin because of his first name, which he prefers to keep secret these days. He doesn’t really take his job too seriously, but without his calm demeanor and people skills, his group would fall apart. Just don’t try to force him to follow the dress code. It’s a losing battle.
Font: Smile Comix


Slice believes that everyone in the world could get along with everyone else if they just tried. Most people think he’s a real weirdo, if they even know who he is. He has worked for a while now with Floyd and Ecta; he doesn’t quite understand what Skärva does or why he and Blank have to fight, but he does know that Castle Skärva is a great place for young flish to live and work. He is always happy that he can write to his mom about how much his supervisor Ecta really likes him and is really proud of him all the time. He also writes that his roommate Floyd is his best friend, and he isn’t wrong about that one.
Font: Chubby Cheeks


The former doorman of the less-than-illustrious Temple of Terror, Davis was the first demon any interested investor or intruding hero would meet. Between impatient villains, heroes who will stab anything as soon as look at it, and his boss’s fiery temper, it wasn’t an enviable position; but now that the Temple has gone under, he’s sought out a better workplace with Idenau’s highest master of evil. His favorite things in life are fire, his horns, his bowtie, and now teasing Ecta.
Font: Nightmare (on Elm Street Invades my Mind)

Tiberius Skärvas the Third, Second and First

The Gods

The captain and crew of the merry ship Tailfin, at the time of Heir of Silverskull

On their quest for the first key to the gods, Skärva and companions crossed paths with Goldgills and his shipmates, setting into motion events that would mildly inconvenience the sharkman and change the pirates’ lives forever.

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