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In which the accursed villain Tiberius Skärva the Fourth attempts to outsmart and overpower his arch-nemesis Blank, beloved of the gods, and take over the kingdom of Idenau.

Chapter 1: Occupational Hazards

A normal business day becomes anything but, as a series of mishaps lead Lord Skärva and his loyal henchman Derk to a very special little girl.
Sep 16, 2011Awwwwwwwww!

Chapter 2: A Midsummer Night's Scheme

Little Lorelei has grown used to failure at Castle Skärva, but could the villain's unconventional new plan turn things around? While the lord plans to prey on a hero's passion, his minions on a mission become entangled in plant politics deep in the heart of the forest.
Nov 11, 2011Speaks for itself
Nov 24, 2011Chomp Chomp Chomp
Nov 28, 2011GHOSTS DON'T DIE
Jan 13, 2012He's a pecan
Jan 16, 2012HANDSHAKE
Jan 18, 2012She's a nice lady
Mar 09, 2012Oh, the humanity
Mar 16, 2012Realism
Apr 09, 2012BLANK STARE!
Apr 11, 2012Vicious Flishes
Apr 16, 2012Magic Pockets
May 02, 2012It's a Boy!
May 04, 2012Just Say No!
May 14, 2012The Wonder Drug
May 21, 2012Tough Love
May 30, 2012Sunny side up?
Jun 01, 2012END OF ARC


Lord Skärva decides to take his battle to the realm of the gods themselves... but first he'll have to find a way there.

Chapter 1: The Book

Skärva and company learn of a book that could guide them towards a gateway to the gods. Of course, it's not as easy as checking it out of the castle library. A frightening fetch quest to a town of the dead is bad enough, but an enigmatic new hero turns their mission into a mystery. With "help" from a zombie butler, can the trio survive the night?
Jun 04, 2012Happy Anniversary!
Jun 05, 2012The Book
Jun 08, 2012A Sound Plan
Jun 29, 2012Inconvenient
Jul 02, 2012Page 150!
Aug 10, 2012Mostly Armless
Aug 15, 2012The silent comic
Aug 27, 2012Not again
Sep 01, 2012Nauuughtyyy
Sep 03, 2012Starch, she wrote
Sep 05, 2012Sad but true
Sep 17, 2012Private Eye
Sep 24, 2012Band-aid
Oct 10, 2012Disco is Dead
Oct 22, 2012ZOINKS
Dec 10, 2012CLIFFHANGER!

Chapter 2: The Compass

The boss and his minions split up to retrieve the mystical compass. Along the way, familiar faces are encountered - including one Skärva would prefer never to see again - and the lord finds more in the old book than he had bargained for.
Dec 12, 2012The Compass
Dec 19, 2012PILLOW FIGHT!
Dec 24, 2012Holiday Card 2012
Jan 30, 2013Tough crowd.
Mar 06, 2013Father knows best
Mar 15, 2013Ghost Wranglin'

Chapter 3: The First Key

Mar 19, 2013The First Key
Mar 28, 2013PARTY POOPER!
Apr 03, 2013Road trip!!
Apr 12, 2013He never learns.
Apr 21, 2013IT'S OVER
Apr 24, 2013Best foes forever!
Apr 30, 2013Everyone wins
May 03, 2013Charisma check
May 16, 2013Montage!
Jun 28, 2013Is this can(n)on?
Jul 08, 2013She's a Pirate
Jul 15, 2013She's not a pirate
Aug 18, 2013Castle Crashing
Aug 25, 2013Oopsie
Sep 06, 2013Holey ship!
Sep 13, 2013CHEER BATTLE!
Sep 26, 2013The Circle of Life
Oct 05, 2013GO ON
Oct 07, 2013Denial
Nov 09, 2013Scrooge McDavis
Nov 15, 2013Mission Complete
Nov 18, 2013Spleeeeeewsh
Nov 21, 2013One-track mind
Nov 27, 2013Into the Maw
Dec 14, 2013What Have I Become
Jan 14, 2014Swashbuckling 101
Feb 03, 2014Page 300
Feb 17, 2014You Shovelly Bard!
Mar 03, 2014My time to shine!
Mar 16, 2014Cheers!
Mar 19, 2014Skeleton Key
Mar 22, 2014Cracking skulls
Apr 01, 2014A quiet comic
Apr 03, 2014Skullgirl
May 05, 2014Kraken released.
Jun 17, 2014Oh snap!
Jul 05, 2014Foggy Goodbyes
Jul 14, 2014Skärva loses it
Jul 20, 2014Out-of-character?
Jul 24, 2014Family.

Heir of Silverskull

Heir of Silverskull

Jul 12, 2021Pirate Prologue
Aug 04, 2021Tell me your tales
Aug 31, 2021Ever just the same
Sep 03, 2021Klonk
Sep 21, 2021Go scupper yerself
Sep 28, 2021Gold and Cinder
Oct 05, 2021Hats Off
Oct 08, 2021At anchor, at ease
Oct 21, 2021Mates
Oct 25, 2021Schedule Update
Oct 29, 2021My own worst enemy
Nov 01, 2021Shed your skin
Nov 11, 2021Far Behind
Nov 16, 2021Goldgills at sea
Nov 22, 2021Normafest Update
Nov 29, 2021Goodnight, Goldie
Dec 31, 2021The Island
Jan 09, 2022No Signs of Life
Jan 16, 2022Ribs
Jan 24, 2022Bearer of Bad News
Jan 31, 2022A god-cursed place
Feb 16, 2022No Escape
Mar 07, 2022End's Promise
Mar 28, 2022Waking the Dead
Apr 18, 2022I'm Frond of You
May 09, 2022An Honorable Sort
Jun 06, 2022Eleventh Birthday
Aug 28, 2022Pinky Promise
Sep 05, 2022Seabird's View
Sep 12, 2022Clammed Up
Sep 18, 2022Homecoming
Sep 25, 2022The Tailfin Taken
Oct 10, 2022Overboard
Oct 17, 2022Catch Wind
Nov 21, 2022The Beast Emerges
Jan 16, 2023Back in Town
Feb 07, 2024Slice Fin Again
Mar 02, 2024Return of the King
Mar 09, 2024Relief

Chapter Zero

A prequel story which finds Skärva scheming to give Blank a taste of his own medicine.

Chapter Zero

Aug 12, 2014Disclaimer
Aug 15, 2014A warm welcome
Aug 21, 2014Ghost busted
Aug 25, 2014Fine Art
Aug 30, 2014First Respawners
Sep 01, 2014Who's this guy?
Sep 08, 2014Anti-climactic...
Sep 19, 2014You're too slow!!
Sep 22, 2014WHERE IS HE
Sep 26, 2014Poke!
Oct 10, 2014Rusty Bucket Bay
Oct 13, 2014Finally
Oct 17, 2014Shark Attack
Oct 26, 2014Fish out of water
Nov 02, 2014Ouch.
Nov 06, 2014The ouch continues
Nov 13, 2014Same old story
Dec 17, 2014The blue team
Jan 09, 2015Oh Ecta
Jan 16, 2015Just Say No
Feb 09, 2015Overachievers
Feb 18, 2015Luggage Theft
Mar 06, 2015Hatters gonna hat
Mar 17, 2015Child at Heart
Mar 20, 2015Time for a Change!
Mar 25, 2015Castle in the Sky
Apr 03, 2015Cursism
Apr 17, 2015This happens a lot
Apr 25, 2015History Lesson
Apr 27, 2015Curse Words
May 05, 2015Frantic Factory
May 21, 2015Vandalism
May 27, 2015Scootin'
Jun 01, 2015Platform Peril
Jul 02, 2015Curse Envy
Jul 08, 2015Parachute Panic
Aug 06, 2015Lifehack
Aug 17, 2015A Whole New World
Sep 04, 2015Game of Thrones
Sep 16, 2015Listen to Grandma
Oct 07, 2015Well duh
Nov 04, 2015Castle Catcher
Nov 08, 2015Lovin' an Elevator
Nov 27, 2015Synergy
Feb 17, 2016Business as usual
Feb 20, 2016Stamp of approval
Mar 16, 2016Mystical Message
Jun 04, 20164th 5th
Jun 22, 2016Collect-a-thon
Jul 06, 2016Rematch!
Jul 13, 2016Boot to the Head
Jul 20, 2016WHERE IS SHE
Jul 22, 2016The truth revealed
Aug 05, 2016Menacing
Aug 15, 2016Do it
Nov 23, 2016Cutting remarks
Dec 24, 2016Lightfest 2016
Jan 05, 2017Red-handed
Jan 19, 2017Chapter Zero End