Skärva likes water temples. I’m not sure if we’ve told you that or not, yet.

Welcome to EVERYTHING ELSE about The Fourth besides the Temple of Terror! I haven’t asked you guys to tell your friends about the comic for a while. I wanted to make it seem less annoying so that, when I asked you now, you’d be more inclined to do it. So: tell your friends!



I spent ten years of my life in gymnastics, and all throughout there was this one skill that I could never learn because I was always terrified I would injure myself. Then they took me aside and started forcing me to practice it, and I got the worst injury of my life. I had a little blue sling much like Skärva’s. Pretty much exactly like that.

Hey, hey, did you notice how much thinner the borders are, starting with last comic? It really makes a huge difference, doesn’t it?