We’re back! And we’re THREE!

Thanks to everyone who wished us well for the move. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as smoothly as we might have hoped, but everything is sorted out now. I did have enough time to dig up this old game case (above) and scan it for you. 90s kids will remember this one! Am I right?

Hopefully there will be a comic on Friday but it might take us until Monday to get back on our feet. Please forgive us; we’ll be back to a steady schedule of updates very soon!

Man. Three years though? We’re really happy to have entertained you for this long, and look forward to three more years. At LEAST! I feel like I’ve made some huge artistic progress in the past year, and we have some really exciting stuff planned by the time we hit our super special Fourth anniversary!

Three years ago, Victor and I had just passed our sophomore year of college. After dating for about half a year, we decided to embark on this webcomic adventure with the trust that creative or personal differences would not drive us to ruin. That summer I spent at home, broke and out of a job I’d been promised, drinking too much Coke, staying up until 4 a.m. and visiting Victor when I could, driving back and forth from Houston to Austin in a car with no air condition in the Texas heat. He would always worry about me when I drove all that way, and for my part I was miserable to have to return to my hometown without the one person I’d met in my entire life that I was 100% comfortable around. He would send me scripts, I would send him drafts of comics and we were just so, so giddy about the whole thing.

That summer will always be magical to me. They’ve torn down the apartment complex where those memories were made, just like they’re about to tear down the first place we officially lived on our own together, which is why we had to move. But the memories stay with me, and so does The Fourth, which is a vestige of the trust we put in each other and the joy and humor we felt towards each other and wanted to share with the world. As we’ve said before, we can only hope you enjoy the comic as much as we enjoy making it.

I mean – yeah. It gets hard maintaining a project like this, for two young twenty-somethings with full time jobs! I can’t pretend it’s all rainbows and sunshine and that I’m able to attack every page with energy and inspiration, or that Victor can always come up with punchlines on command. But just in this small hiatus, nice as it was to play a little Mario Kart, I’ve felt… somewhat empty. Devoid of the purpose and satisfaction that bringing our world to life creates within me. When I don’t have that purpose in my life, and the reliability that I’m going to get feedback and know that I’ve made a few people smile out there on a regular basis, my mind goes dark places. It’s hard work, but it’s joy; it’s rewarding, if not always in an instant-gratification way, and that’s quite alright. We’ve already made some great friends that we wouldn’t even know of if they hadn’t chanced upon our story, and that alone makes it worth it. But even aside from that, for the sake of our story and our characters, we’re not stopping until this story is told.

And who knows how long that will be? The point is, after all this time, we’re still here. As a couple and as creators. And we’ll be here for a long time yet. We hope you’ll be here with us, as we grow, as our characters grow, as the art grows, and as YOU grow.