Fun fact: panel five is a prime example of Courtney still trying to get her artistic footing. Look at those lines! Thickest lines I’ve ever seen.


Oh wow, so you’re still with us, then? That’s great. I’m sure by now you’ve told all your friends, right? Because you can definitely Tweet and… Facebook this comic with one click from this page. Look, I’m not promising that you’ll be the most popular person in social website history if you do, but I am promising that exactly and you should expect no less.

Also, if you’re still using IE 6 or 7, I tweaked the site a bit so that you’ll have less problems than you did before. However, you still won’t be getting the full “The Fourth” experience, so I suggest upgrading your browser. At the very least, move up to IE 8 or 9, although basically anything else would play nicer with the site.



This entire comic is a good example of Victor getting his writing footing, because I came up with the whole thing.

Also, clearly those thick lines are to emphasize the drama and tension of that panel. Clearly.

I’m really sorry about Davis, especially since a few people have taken an immediate liking to him. But there will be plenty more of those adorable demons in the updates to come! And I’m sure if you leave the temple and come back, he’ll be there again.