I am not thankful for coding assignments that ruin the days leading up to Thanksgiving break and cause you to stay up all night before a three-hour drive.



So, you may have noticed that there wasn’t a comic yesterday, nor will there be one tomorrow. Why? Because it’s Thanksgiving and I’m going to take a vacation, thank you. But really, thank you – please enjoy this card of sorts. Lord Skärva can be grateful – not exactly to the gods, but just to life and circumstances – that even when it seems the higher powers are constantly against him, he has at least a few people who truly love him. I can be grateful for Victor and for all of my family and friends, and that means you. We have an honest and deep gratitude for the people who read our comic. I love talking with you guys and amusing all the other people out there who don’t comment but are following. I’m really glad you’re taking this journey with us, listening to our story, and I hope you hang on to see the many, many things we have planned.

With love,