Hey guys I’ll be busy working with the band, but I never reply anyways. Never.



Guys, I am super super busy with advising at my college’s orientation week, so I’m sorry if replies are slow or nonexistent – I still read and appreciate each and every comment! Despite being busy, I’m using a spare pocket of time to upload this comic.  , which Victor may not even comment on because he’s off gallivanting around getting late-night food. (Edit: he gave me something to put up for him, doubtless while he’s stuffing his mouth with a burger and enjoying a milkshake.)

ALSO: I just realized that the titles of the last three comics are about Derk. We love him, don’t you?

ALSO: In the process of training and advising, in the past few days, I have toppled over backwards in a chair, and tripped over a tree root and found myself sprawled in the dirt with bleeding knees and a very large skinned spot on my side. This may be karma for getting so much of the humor for this comic out of my dear Tiberius’s misfortune and embarrassment.