The first historical figure to get their own encyclopedia page! Well aren’t you special, Mr. Skull!

It’s been a long time since we had an encyclopedia entry at all, hasn’t it?

Well, even though this guy won’t be with us for many pages, he HAS been the underlying presence of this chapter ever since our villains got to the island. Note that he has the same voice as the skulls. He wasn’t possessing them or anything, they have their own artificial intelligence of sorts, but they and the innards of this tower were all crafted with his loving pirately hand (and hook).

(As a side note: I’m very interested in piracy [mainly the naval age Carribbean kind, although Asia had some impressive pirates as well], both real and fictional – and the sometimes tenuous links between the former and the latter – in our world. One of the things that interests me most is how real-life pirate stories were sometimes as daring, crazy and unbelievable as fiction! I highly recommend this book to you, it taught me most of what I know. Including how some of the things in our depiction have to be egregiously explained with a “fantasy world” excuse, like one girl being able to operate a cannon, and a tiny crew sailing a ship. Now if only I could actually wrap my brain around different types of ships and how rigging and stuff works…)