I can’t tell you how happy I am to draw Goldgills and the Commodore again after all these years. Look at them! Goldie is at his most fun when he has someone to bother, don’t you think? Among the many characters of Idenau, I don’t think the Commodore is particularly likeable. All the rigid lawfulness of Blank without any of the hero’s self-consciousness or doubts. And yet here I am, joyful to draw him again. He’s very fun for me, in his way. He also has a name, but I’ll save that for some other time!

By the way- it’s not an oversight that he only speaks in a sailorly way sometimes! It’s the habit of his youth which he tried to train out of himself upon gaining a high naval rank, but he still lapses into it when he’s angry.

I do apologize for this comic being slightly late, but not really, because it isn’t every day a sequel to one of your favorite games comes out after like 15 years. So I did spend most of the past week playing Psychonauts 2 to full completion with Victor, and I recommend you do the same. Not with Victor though, probably. But just play the game, it’s very very good, alright?