This comic prompted Victor and I to have a conversation on crystal balls and what they can do, and why everyone doesn’t carry one around. They’re quite rare to begin with (made of an uncommon natural material) and can’t normally be used to contact other people directly unless a powerful magic-user has linked two of them. Even then, the link won’t last forever and they will have to be brought together and charged again eventually. Phones had to be invented in Idenau, because like a lot of magical solutions, crystal balls are not easily accessible to the vast majority of people.

This is a small one Skärva is giving away here, but we know he has a bigger one- do you remember seeing it years ago? They also have other uses, but I’m sure THAT won’t be relevant ever… hmm…

By the way, our 8th anniversary is coming up on June 4th. …Dear gods. Did Victor and I think we’d still be together and working on this eight years later? I dunno, we just kinda jumped into it and hoped for the best.