UPDATE: Hi everyone!! Sorry about the unintended hiatus. A number of personal emergencies in late November/early December have left me burnt out and with little time and energy for art, so I haven’t been able to give this comic the attention and polish I think it deserves. Unfortunately, I ran out of time before going on a trip to visit family, and thus the hiatus will continue for a little longer. I wanted to do a Lightfest update, but had a very busy holiday and decided my time would be best spent working on the next page. Things will be back to normal very soon!

Painting scenes like this is so cathartic after spending so much of the early comic in interior spaces. I really owe a lot of this page in particular to Sea of Thieves, which filled my head with cool rocky islands. Our island here is inspired somewhat by Shipwreck Bay, minus the actual shipwrecks. But does it have a name? Surely no one lives here. We’ll just have to find out!