Six years!! Dang, that’s quite a while!

Honestly, when we started the comic just after our sophomore year in college, Victor and I never expected it would take this long to get into the meat of the plot. But we also didn’t count on Chapter Zero, or the fact that the working world would be harder on our spirits than school ever was. However, we’re on the edge of some really exciting stuff – we’ve had some discussions about when we’re going to make certain long-awaited reveals, and are about to dive into stories I’ve been excited to explore for years. And hey, in those six years, I’ve had a lot of time to become a better artist and comic-crafter! There may be no better testament to how far I’ve come than to compare our first banner with the one we have now.

This anniversary has me reaffirming certain commitments to the comic and characters I love so much. When Victor’s not able to write but I’m able to draw, I’ll be working on more bonus illustrations and wallpapers (including this one, which will be altered into appropriate sizes). I’ve also had enough time away from Chapter Zero by now that I’m ready to go back in and start touching it up. When that’s done, you can expect to see it as an isolated PDF you can share with people you think might be interested, and maybe even in print!

From here on out, it’s going to be an exciting time for The Fourth. Tell your friends! And thanks, as always, for reading! It means so very much to us.