Today is a very special Havocfest because it falls on Havoc’s Day for us! (The fourth day of the Idenian week, also known as Thursday in our world.) The Idenian calendar is set up so that this is always the case, however. Lightfest is always on Light’s Day, Normafest on Norma’s Day, etc.

So… I recently played through Symphony of the Night for the first time and it was truly wonderful! Especially since I just happened to find the most powerful item in the game without even grinding for it and I destroyed everything. I figure the Bladud Blade is something like the Crissaegrim because it’s also OP. Put that thing down, Avraks! You know what happened last time!

I thought about making Veronika into older Maria here, but I will not split up The Trio, so we get Lorelei as anachronistic younger Maria instead.

If you happen to check in here today, I’m going to be having a super long Halloween party all day on my stream, so drop on by if you want to hang out!