Before this story had a name, its title lay dormant in the document I used to plan the whole thing and pitch it to Victor. Originally it occurred in a different context; in my poetic phrasing: He passes some other pirates but they are almost mocking to him, bowing and calling him a Pirate King and the Heir of Silverskull and other stupid sh*t that he hates. After thinking for days about a name for this story and really trying to avoid just calling it “Goldgills”, it suddenly struck me that nothing summed up the tale so well as that which has a good ring to it, and sounds noble and intriguing, but ultimately mocks our hero. I decided it’s even more powerful coming from an actually important character like the Commodore- but it was always, always meant to come from the mouth of an enemy. And now you know the full weight and import of the title; one that he never claimed himself, one that he never asked for.

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