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Whoooa! Thematic panel borders! That’s right, the old black ones are boring me and I’m trying some new stuff out.

This comic was drawn in Manga Studio! And colored in Photoshop, as always. Victor got me MS because other webcomic artists rave about it, and passing 300 pages seemed as good a time as any to try new things. I was reluctant at first, because I thought Photoshop had everything I needed, but you know what it doesn’t have? A panel-maker! A bubble-maker! A thing where WHEN YOU DRAW IN A PANEL IT AUTOMATICALLY PREVENTS YOU FROM GOING OUTSIDE THE LINES. Not to mention all the 3D reference models, which I haven’t even really played with yet. You can expect me to do some cool stuff with perspective in the future now that I have better tools to help me envision things.

Thanks for convincing me to try something new, Victor!