Lorelei’s logic: flawless.

Hey so we’re on inkOUTBREAK! It’s because they(?) followed me on Twitter. ANYWAYS, inkOUTBREAK is a site that is trying to centralize how you read webcomics. You choose your favorites, and you can see them all from one site. Better than that, you can also choose tags; then, based on those and your favorited comics, it will show you other webcomics you might like! It’s very very new, but hopefully it will take off, and we’re already on it!

There’ll be a little widget at the bottom of this post linking to our profile. It’s very basic right now, but we’ll be adding some artwork later. You don’t have to join, but if you do, be sure to favorite us!



Tomorrow is the Fourth, and you know what that means? It’s our birthday! Two months! Although it seems like a lot longer than that, at least for me. Thanks for sticking with us so far… this comic is still just a squirming little child in diapers, although it has at least passed the red wrinkly newborn stage. Today Victor and I had a talk about how long it’s going to go on, and I don’t think it’s quite sensible to be as overjoyed as I am about committing myself to years of toil. But I’m looking forward to seeing how our baby grows up, and I hope you are too! :)