Sorry about this one, all. We’ll be back to our regular story on Monday, but for today Courtney is heading home to get her wisdom teeth pulled out, so I had to step up.


I’m looking at this in the morning right before I get my teeth pulled – I had no idea what Victor was doing. To be honest, I can’t believe he actually did it – he’ll rarely even show me his doodles, let ALONE draw something and post it on the internet.

…And is there something wrong with me, that I genuinely thought this was cute and then “AWWWW’d” all over the place? Because I imagine these little random cute things happening between the characters all the time, but don’t know how or when we’ll ever put them into the comic.

Anyway next time I talk to you I’ll have less teeth and less… wisdom? (Because I had so much of that before) And I’ll be on drugs!