She literally wrote the text, but I still came up with the idea for the comic itself.

Personally, I like the old art style better.


Something seems different! Did a lightbulb go out in here or something?

Well, I’ve been looking at other webcomics lately and feeling inferior, so I decided to kick myself into high gear. I thought about saving this shift for a more important occasion, like the end of the Mire Manor plot, but why wait to improve yourself? This only took me like an extra hour or so. Hopefully I can keep it up >_> In addition to the obvious, I also changed the brush I use to draw. It allows for more variation in line width, I think, I just have to use it carefully.

Also messing around with speech bubbles/squares so they look less TOTALLY BORING. Our text has so much character but the bubbles themselves are lame. Lately I introduced a little flavor with Posti’s deteriorating bubbles; we’ll see what else I can do in the future.

Title and reference in this comic to celebrate the announcement of the the new Phoenix Wright game! Looks great!

Fun fact: Victor’s working on a huge project lately, so I’ve written the text for the last several comics!