Of course those fortune tellers will probably be too busy telling you about strange men in the desert and other useless stuff.

Regarding the comment below: I actually do SO MUCH. But we’re not here to talk about that, are we? Instead, let’s talk about this little tidbit of news from Disney. Some future-proofing: Don’t worry, Fourth fans! Our comic will be very, very different from this upcoming movie nonsense. But, there might be a few details that will be similar (how could we know, honestly), so trust us; we didn’t copy anything.



I really, really love that first panel. And that billboard panel. Yeah, I’m just quite happy with this page overall.

Did you know me and Victor are in a PR department? It’s totally true. For Rice University’s Marching Owl Band! So far, just like this comic, I’ve been doing everything and he just gets a lot of credit for nothing! (No, no, I kid.)