Ecta doesn’t look so bad.

This isn’t even the first time I drew Derk or Lorelei, but the first time I drew them where they at least have the same outfits as they do today, although they look terribly off-model from who they’ve become.

The Skärvas are some of my earliest drawings of him, but not the first. My very first concept art of him is the holy grail. I didn’t put it up here because it’s so bad, we’re saving it for a special occasion. He just looks so different, and through practice at drawing him he evolved naturally into what he looks like today. You’ll see it.. someday.

Our mindset for Frozio: “The guide should be a penguin.” I draw a penguin in five seconds. “He should have a bowtie and a top hat.” Added. And there you go.

Also that drawing of the Third has been around since the summer. Man I’ve been looking forward to his entrance for a LONG time… in which I could think over his design more.