Hey all! Did you know that The Fourth turns eleven on June 4th? Whoa. This site’s been around for more than a third of my life, and will be an increasingly large portion until we hopefully someday finish the main story before I die! If you want to do some fan art for the occasion, I wouldn’t say no, and I’d be sure to put it up on the site and give you a shoutout.

And by the way, I recently reworked my patreon. It was kinda complicated before, but now it’s simple: put in at least a dollar a month, get concept art and behind-the-scenes thoughts when I have them. Since I have a job now, your monetary support is not desperately needed. But if you want an easy way to tip me for the 12 to 15 hours I put into each page, it’s an option! But most importantly: thanks for simply being here and reading the comic! Tell one of your own mateys about it!