Cyril’s getting used to being a part of the gang, clearly.

So, Courtney will be on vacation next week, which means we’ll be taking a break from our story. I know! It’s terrible. But, she deserves the time off. Meanwhile, if any of you would like to do guest comics to fill the void, just speak up!

Also, I did open my Animal Crossing town’s gates on Monday, but I’ve been lazy about doing so every other day this week. On the other hand, my fruit trees took a lot longer to grow than I thought they would, so it was only starting today that I had a second type of fruit growing in my town. I’ll try to open the gates as much as I can this weekend, although I’ll be away from the internet most of Saturday.


What did you guys think of E3? I’m really excited because I’m getting a childhood hero back. Dixie Kong! Rareware games were my favorites growing up, and if you’re familiar with them, you might be able to pick up the influence in my art style.

Also, sorry about the delay! The gods threw all kinds of health and automobile problems at me to keep this comic from you, but here it is against all odds!