Hey everyone, Courtney’s birthday is coming up this weekend, and she’s had her eye on something for the last few weeks: a new tablet! Specifically, the tablet reviewed here; a Cintiq alternative that is more reasonably priced and works just about as well as its competitors.

For those of you who don’t know and didn’t click the link above, a Cintiq is a graphics tablet with a screen on it. Basically, it would let Courtney draw more naturally, because there would be no disconnect between the pen and her lines. It’s the next logical step as far as her art tools go, and the price of these competing models is low enough that we have actually been able to consider buying one.

Now, the tablet that you all helped us buy back in 2011 is still going strong (as is Courtney’s original tablet, which I use to color the comic). So, this new tablet isn’t as much of a necessity. We consider it more of a long-term goal, to be honest. But, since it’s Courtney’s birthday week, we figured it couldn’t hurt to ask for a bit of help.

It’s been a long time since I’ve done this, but I’d like to draw your collective attention to the Rewards tab at the top of our site. Give those rewards a read and see if any of them might interest you, because any donation you make can be put towards any of those rewards. Of course, we’d also love to just get donations for the sake of donations, but we won’t be offended if you request the rewards; that’s what they are there for.

Some of you have already given quite generously to us, and recently. You guys don’t have to worry about donating any more, as we still have some of your money in our ad fund and it can just as easily go toward the new tablet. But if you haven’t given before (or it’s been a very long time) and you have the means, please consider tossing some money our way. Courtney and I will probably end up getting the tablet regardless of how many donations we receive, but your contributions will certainly help to speed up the process.