Hey all, Courtney here.

I’ve been having some health problems of various kinds lately, as well as a general lack of energy that I hope is due to a problem with my pacemaker that I can get fixed by the end of the summer. All of this isn’t helped by staying up late and stressing about the comic every other day.

So, just like last summer, we’re going to reduce the comic updates to Monday and Friday until September. Back then, we did the encyclopedia entries, and those went over really well! However, at this point, there aren’t many detailed chunks of information about places, people or events in Idenau that we want to give away without exploring them in more detail in the comic itself. But we want to give you guys something on Wednesdays, and once again you’re going to help us decide!

We have a few ideas already. We were thinking perhaps a mailbag, where you can ask the characters questions and they will react. We don’t want to spoil anything we were planning to explain in the comic later, but I imagine we’d get the chance to explore some backstories and quirks that we don’t see as being truly relevant down the line. I like this idea because it would foster the spirit of reader interaction which is really important to us here.

Another idea is Idenau Facts, where we would come up with and simply illustrate a few random facts about our species or characters each week. Sort of like supplemental details that were left off the encyclopedia entries. That way you could learn more about our world without us having to give you a whole article about one thing.

Please tell us which of these you like better, as well as offering your own suggestions! Remember, it will have to be something fairly light on the art side, or it defeats the purpose. We might end up doing a mix of things on Wednesdays to keep things fresh.

I really hate to move the story along slower, but it is our hope that you will enjoy learning more about our world and its inhabitants, one way or the other. In fact, it might be nice for all of us to be able to visit somewhere or someone else in the middle of each week, instead of being stuck with one team or another in a certain spot for update after update.

Thanks for sticking with us, as always.