Hey everyone! Today (well, technically tomorrow at the time I’m writing this) is a special day: me and Victor have been together for three whole years!

In honor of that special occasion and a certain other holiday coming up in our world, I wanted to talk about one of the big holidays in Idenau. Happy Havocfest!

As the name implies, Havocfest is a holiday dedicated to Havoc, one of the six gods and goddesses worshiped in Idenau. It takes place in mid-autumn, as leaves fall and the stillness and stability of summer give way to winter. It is always held on the day of the week known as Havoc’s Day.

Havoc is the god of chaos and the father of demons. Thus the holiday is especially beloved within the demon population, who tend to consider it the biggest day of the year. Modern demons have a diversity of relationships with their mythical creator; while some have abandoned worship as the god abandoned them, many others are still very devout towards Havoc for giving them life in the first place, and insist that His lack of loyalty to His children is only to be expected from the god’s chaotic and ever-changing nature. In spite of religious differences, Havocfest has been celebrated by nearly all demons since ancient times, and today has both religious and secular facets.

Throughout Idenau in general, the holiday was ritually observed in ancient times, but experienced a revitalization as more demons began to integrate themselves into the rest of society. The demons brought their own traditions to turn the ritual observations into a fun and active festival. Now Idenians of every age and species happily celebrate the occasion. While Havocfest is mainly filled with innocuous fun, it does have a darker side, with many people using the day as an excuse for destruction and crime in the name of chaos. However, for most people the day is merely a way to celebrate the change and surprise which drives life and keeps it exciting.

To celebrate the god’s nature of unpredictability, people try to play pranks on each other and trick their friends. People are usually quite wary and suspicious on Havocfest for this reason, but many people still fall for the pranks. Dressing up in costumes or disguising oneself magically is also a popular pastime at Havocfest parties and festivals. This is said to have emerged from the pranking aspect of the holiday, but is now usually done for fun without actual intent to deceive. To us, Havocfest would look like a cross between April Fools’ Day and Halloween, with less of a focus on the “creepy” and the dead – such things are better left for another god.

What other holidays does Idenau hold? How are the other deities honored? You’ll find out as time goes on!

In the meantime, Davis will take your questions about his favorite holiday, if you have any.