So you may have noticed that we don’t have any ads on our site, while most webcomics do. This is mostly due to the fact that we aren’t too popular (yet?) and we didn’t want to annoy the few fans we do have now. Eventually, we hope to include some kind of advertisements on the page – they’ll be of other webcomics, so hopefully it will be more useful than annoying to you readers! The point, though, is that we don’t have any money coming in from this comic right now. Mostly, we get along fine without it – server and domain costs aren’t too bad. But recently we came up with a need for some extra cash.

Courtney’s tablet is pretty old and, thankfully, still works pretty well. However, she’s been looking into getting a new one for quite some time. We both have jobs, but Courtney’s doesn’t pay too often, and so it will be a while before she has enough to buy a new tablet for herself. Here’s the thing: the new tablet will be used to make this comic, and her OLD tablet will go to me to help her color. (She already owes me money for our advertising campaign from a while back; I’m absolving most of the debt as payment for the old tablet.)

You may have also noticed that a lot of the comics recently have been late. That’s our own faults, really, because we end up having to leave them until the last minute because of our homework and such. But, if I could help by coloring (which I have, for a few of the recent comics), then we’d spend less time over all on new comics and there’s a better chance we’ll get them up on time. I can use a mouse to color, but it takes forever and only helps by allowing us to multitask.

SO. Look under the comic. See the new donation button? If you have the means and can spare a few dollars, PLEASE consider sending a bit our way to help pay for Courtney’s new tablet. The sooner we raise enough money to buy it, the sooner we can start working towards being on schedule with our updates again.

Keep in mind: the tablet will be purchased when Courtney has enough money regardless, but your donations can help speed it up. For what it’s worth, she needs approximately $100 more to pay for it in full.

HERE’S THE INTERESTING PART: you can donate as much money as you feel is fair, BUT if you donate $10 or more and are willing to provide a picture, Courtney will draw you into a future comic as a cameo! Plenty of webcomics do this as incentive, so why not us? I’d like to think we’re even doing it for less than they typically do. These cameos will appear very soon, since we’re approaching a perfect spot for them. Here’s how it will work: when you go to donate, use the provided form to give us your commenter username from the site. If you aren’t a commenter, you should be but want the cameo still, just give us a primary email account or something else to easily identify you by (and that we can use to prove who you are). We’ll iron out the details on a personal level once you’ve done that.

tl;dr please use the donate button above so Courtney can get a new tablet! Donate $10 or more for a cameo!