Hey guys, Courtney here.

I just wanted to apologize for the occasional lapses in our schedule, as with Wednesday and today (there WILL be a comic, but I can’t finish it off until tonight). When Victor first proposed we make a webcomic together, almost a year ago, I thought he was ridiculous. I have always found myself a very busy person, and when it came to art I was also a notoriously slow worker. A year ago, I would have considered it a feat to churn out one nice, colored picture a week, let alone a comic. And then when Victor suggested we update THREE times a week… well, I have no idea why I took him up on it. I guess his faith in me was infectious. And look, for the great majority of the time, we’ve done it! I don’t know how.

It’s true that I’ve learned to work much faster over the past year, but I make up for the efficiency with an increasing desire to make the scenes more detailed and give you more interesting peripheral characters to look at. In addition to making this comic three times a week (ideally), I also do comics and illustrations for the school newspaper, am producing a play, work, am in the band, and care about my grades. Victor is in some very difficult classes, also has a job, and is a section leader in the band, and his assignments sometimes drain his creative juices. And somewhere in there, we try to hang out with our friends. As you can see, we are quite busy people! But we refuse to slack on this comic, because it’s our pride and joy and we know it brings other people happiness too. When we don’t get a comic up on time, it’s because it was literally impossible for us without putting it before our schoolwork or more legitimate responsibilities. (Except that one time we played Mario Party 2 when I should have been working. It was worth it, that once.)

I know that our fans are awesome and forgiving people, and understand that we’re just two kids doing the best we can. I’m not too concerned about people raging and giving up on this comic because I had to finish my homework or a paid commission instead of updating on time. If they do, that’s their choice. Still, I wanted to apologize for those of you who enjoy the comic and have been waiting for an update. I’m thinking of you, and I’m sorry!

See you soon,

-Courtney <3