Hello friends!

You may wonder what’s been up with the comic lately. Why are we updated only once a week, if at all? Courtney’s not even directing a play! In fact, she’s been streaming video games! Have they stopped caring??

That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, it’s because we care so much that the end of this arc has slowed down. This is the story we want people who feel daunted by our main archives to read, to get to know our characters and world, to see if they want to follow the true adventure. This is the story we are considering printing and even selling eventually. So it means a lot to us, and that’s why Victor and I want to make sure each page – especially these last ten or so – is effective, efficient and powerful. I think it certainly paid off with the most recent one.

Unfortunately, we’ve both had pretty rough times at work lately. Especially Victor. And while I can fight through it and grind out some art when I get home usually – a lot of it has become practically muscle memory – the same is not said for writing. We are unable to add more stress to our lives right now, and to do so would turn the comic from something we loved into something we resented.

With that being said, what’s the way forward? We’re not on a true hiatus, but updates will be sporadic for a while. We will continue to try for one a week, but I can’t promise when. The best I can say is to keep checking in, or follow me on twitter (@altermentality, of course).

In the meantime, if you still want to interact with me, you can check out my game stream. Rest assured I’m not slacking to play video games and I only stream when I don’t have a comic waiting for me to draw!

Thanks, as always, for your understanding and for sticking with us.


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