Hey everyone!

As you well know, the past year or so has been pretty rough for the comic. The lives of Victor and I have changed in a number of huge ways and it’s going to take us a while to find our groove with working on the comic again. I only have so much art stamina, both mentally and physically (due to my wrist) and I’ve had to spend it on other things to bring in a bit of money in the past months. Rest assured, we still love the comic and its characters, and we’ll finish the story we have planned if it takes us another decade. We’re just trying to find our footing right now.

As the comic’s seventh birthday (June 4) looms, it’s become increasingly clear to me that due to prior obligations, I’m not going to have any time to draw a nice picture like I usually try to, and it breaks my heart. But I did realize I had a few pieces of fan art people were so kind to give me on my own birthday that I still need to upload to the gallery, and planned to highlight them. So I thought: why not ask for a bit more? It wouldn’t hurt.

If you’d like to help wish The Fourth a happy birthday, feel free to draw something and post a link to it here, send it to me on twitter, or any other way you know to contact me. On June 4, I’ll upload them all in their own celebratory post in addition to adding them to the fan art gallery.

I don’t expect a ton for a comic that hasn’t provided you much in recent months. But if you have a bit of time to spare and would like to be included in the celebration post, it would mean a lot to us. Don’t forget to include any social media that you want us to link to in return!