Why hello there!

We’re back, and ready to update on Mondays. We might slip up here and there but we’re gonna do our best.

Over the past couple years, my inability to work on the comic has been less about time and more about stamina. I’ve had to make as much money as I could to support myself doing art commissions… but it turns out I only have so much art energy, so I had none left for the comic. Recently, I’ve been able to find space in my schedule for this again through a combo of smarter time management, setting limits, and making more money from streaming so I have to do less art. If you like video games and want to hang out during the daytime, or are just curious what I look and sound like, you should come visit!

There’s also always the patreon, where I’ve continued to do extra art of the comic’s characters and other things I like.

My discord has become a lively place for discussing gaming and other stuff over time, and I’ve created a Fourth channel in anticipation of the comic’s return. If you have $5 to spare a month via patreon or a twitch sub, you can join us there and drop all your Fourth memes. (Did you know if you have amazon prime, you can get a free twitch sub every month?)

Living as a full-time content creator is rough and lean for me right now, and with some kind of monetary support you can make it easier and more justifiable for me to keep doing this comic, which is what I truly love more than anything else. But I’m also grateful for everyone just reading and spreading the word about The Fourth, and commenting and discussing, no matter what you can offer otherwise. As always, you partaking in our story means the world and gives us the strength to keep telling it.

For now let’s just enjoy being back together. I certainly do.