Hi everyone! Just posting this to let you know we’re still alive.
If you remember what I’ve said in our last several updates, about how I need to support myself by art commissions these days and it’s drained all my stamina for drawing, leaving me no time for the comic… well, that hasn’t really changed. What HAS changed is that I’ve caught up on a lot of stuff and learned to manage my time better, which should leave me more time for personal projects.

There’s a lot I’d like to do for the comic as a means of sprucing this place up and spring cleaning, including finalizing chapter zero (at last!!) and possibly redoing the way the fan art page looks. You can also expect some updates VERY soon… it was just my birthday and I only wanted one thing this year: to see The Fourth come back.

I’m a better artist than I’ve ever been and I can’t wait to share that with you all!