Monday is Victor’s birthday!

One gift you could give him is checking out and maybe contributing to my new Patreon. (Because what supports the comic supports the both of us, both monetarily and confidence-wise!) In the times when he hasn’t been able to write a page, I’ve been hard at work producing a lot of doodles that you can see for $5 a month. September’s batch includes:

A species swap between Floyd and Slice
Father/son time with the Second and Third
What Derk and Lorelei would look like with the Skärva curse
Gargoyles (a creature that has showed up in only one page early on), the preferred mount of demons
The Admiral and Vice Admiral who set off the flish/salamandrian tension
And more!!

It takes me about seven hours to complete each comic page. That’s a lot of work! I definitely love it, and I don’t mind doing it all for free. But if you’re able to give a little something back, for an interesting reward… that’d be cool!

…Also just wishing Victor a happy birthday is nice too.