Edit: I made the eyes less sparkly. I may keep with this iris/pupil style, but the glistening cute eyes might have been overkill. What do you think?


WE’RE BACK! And here we go!

I’m really excited about some of the stuff we’ve cooked up for you in this special story. Being a prequel, it won’t answer many of your questions about the main plot, but we let our imaginations go wild with the characters and world we’ve created – sort of like writing a canon fanfic! – and it’s going to be a ton of fun.

However, we couldn’t think of a cool title that was relevant to its actual plot; everything was too corny. So Chapter Zero it is. But I’m sure you can guess a few things from this title page! I guess this’ll be the cover of the book(let) when we publish this, but it’s subject to reworking.

We’re going to link back to this page in the future so that new readers can start here if they want, so soon you’ll find these artist’s comments replaced with a description friendly to visitors. And if you’ve been gone for a while and don’t know what’s going on, click here!

Love you all!