Hey everyone, I just wanted to bring something to your attention: in the next few days we will probably start advertising on the site. I’ll write up a longer post on the subject when we’re actually approved for advertising through Project Wonderful, but for now let me just say that we don’t want to bother you. We’ll be working pretty hard to make sure that any and all ad content that shows up will be relevant to your interests (probably other webcomics), and we won’t be asking you to click through any ads in particular. However, this site does generate expenses for us as well as taking up a lot of our free time, and we think we should start trying to see if there’s any money that can be made from it all – particularly, money we can put toward advertising the site itself and trying to find more viewers.

We’re not exactly swimming in page views, and it seems almost silly to start advertising now, but with us hitting our 100th comic recently we figure there’s no better time than the present.



Floyd takes his hood off as soon as the workday is over.