Hey guys, I have to study for a test/write a paper/work on stuff I’m getting paid for/not sleep, so I decided to show you this commission I just finished! It was for Zestymoo, who wanted me to draw the main trio eating strawberry cake while wearing party hats! Everything else was an embellishment.

A commission, you say? I bet those are prohibitively expensive from someone as “talented” as Alter!

Wrong! I will draw you something  for SO CHEAP! Help me out so I can eat food like these guys.

So yeah, we’re not actually celebrating anything here on the site today. I personally think they’re celebrating Lorelei’s “birthday,” or her finding-day, rather. Do you notice anything about their hats? (Besides how implausible it is that Skärva would actually wear one…)

Hopefully there will be regularly-scheduled comic fun on Wednesday. I really hate shoving the “GIVE ME MONEY” in your face, but I just wanted to make sure you know. Because I’m broke, dudes. But a lot of people are, so please just enjoy this cute picture.