“BOOOOSSS” made it sound like he was getting the ghosts confused with enemies from a different game, and “BOSSSS” makes it sound like he’s trying to speak Parseltongue. I can’t win.

Speaking of Boos, this comic reminds me of Tubba Blubba. Also, Derk’s soul is communing with the viands. That reference will be appreciated by exactly one person, so he better be reading this.

Nice lampshade-hanging there, Derk my man.

Onto bookkeeping business: I should be able to pay my rent with no problem now… but as of just this week I am balancing three part-time jobs, school, band, and the comic. So I really do apologize for the updates being so uncertain lately, but I think you will understand. Things should balance out soon as I get used to it all. I am happy… just tired.