I’m going to stop doing the thick-outline thing as I try to work on making my lineart more varied and interesting. The more I concentrate on that, the more that what I was trying to do previously looks awkward. It’s ok if you didn’t notice. ^_^;

Again, sorry for delays. I’ve got two (kind of three?) jobs, school, band, and art that’s being paid for with some deadlines, all which make it very difficult for me to spend the requisite five or six hours on a comic. Nevertheless, I refuse to go on official hiatus, because I love the comic and our readers too much. Victor is very busy too with his jobs and responsibilities and rather challenging projects. We thank all of you for your understanding and patience as we try to get what we can out of life and contribute to our immediate environment, all while fulfilling our creative urges and making something for anyone to enjoy at the same time. Much love to you all!