On June 4th, we turned eleven! Wow! That’s the same age I was when I first started posting my art online and let me tell you, it was NOT good!! And I probably shouldn’t have been on forums yet! But eleven year old me would certainly be proud of what I can do now, at any rate. This comic has had as many years of art improvement put into it as I did between literally coming out of the womb and thinking my art was good enough to show the internet.

It’s been such a joy to be consistently updating the comic and exploring this world again over the past year. I can tell you I don’t want it to ever lapse for a long period ever again (although things out of my control will likely decide that), even if that means needing to explore other stories while we continue to figure the main one out. No matter what, I hope we’re able to entertain you with new surprises for many years to come.

So, a little announcement: Heir of Silverskull’s own birthday is on July 12th. Between now and then – so, for about a month – we’ll be going on a hiatus. Heir is about at its halfway point, and I want to take some time to collect myself and plan ahead for the remainder. I also just need some time to catch up on some stuff in my life and hopefully get a little bit ahead on updates again!

If you’d like to do any fan art, I’d love to feature it on HoS’s birthday. At any rate, I’ll see you back here then, and we can start heading into the climax of our tale!

But for now, I spent all weekend on this picture and it was honestly way more effort than I was planning on, so I’m gonna go sleep.

With love,