Happy birthday to this little story about pirate life and pirate death! Y’know, when I started out, my ambition was to have the entire thing finished in a year. Well, the immense amount of effort I put into each update ended up making that a lot harder than I anticipated, so here we are, a year later and less than halfway done! But I know I’ll get to the end; it’s attainable, and reasonable, and in sight, and I’m excited for you all to see the later parts of the story. Surely Goldgills will just go get his ship and crew, return to the island, and take the zombies away as promised… how could that fill fifty more pages? What could possibly go wrong?

Thanks for reading my story about a salamander and a dead fish. I know I’ve said again and again how much this comic means to me, and that’s true of both the contents of the story itself as well as the larger sense of this project giving me something creative I can be proud of in a way I haven’t felt consistently in years now, after we started struggling with updating The Fourth. The world of webcomics has changed a lot in our time doing it, but I love being here on this site just chugging along like the old days. It’s been me and Victor’s home even as our physical homes have changed and been torn down and we’ve moved thousands of miles away from where we started. So I thank you for coming to visit.