And now for that big announcement.

Starting today, we are going on a 2-week hiatus. This means we’ll be back on August 11.

Victor and I are going to be writing the entire script for, and in my case getting ahead on drawing, our prequel arc– and when we return, we will launch into it immediately. Click the link above to learn more about (or be reminded of) our special side-story! We’ve been thinking about it for a really long time, so it’s exciting to be able to sit down and finalize it.

Unfortunately, that means for the coming months, the main story will be taking a vacation. It’s also fitting that we ended with Lorelei and Cyril, since they obviously won’t be in the prequel (nor will Davis). But we hope you’ll enjoy getting to see the other characters interact with different group dynamics, and witnessing another of Skärva’s more traditional schemes against Blank.

We apologize for there being no comics for a couple weeks, but Victor and I really want to be in the right headspace for this and not feel rushed, so that we can make this side story a cohesive package which represents the very best we’re capable of right now, both art- and writing-wise. (Really do click that link so you can find out why we’re doing this.)

I’m super excited about the new – well, old, actually – adventures to come! And after that, some crazy awesome stuff in the main story that I think you guys will love. Seriously, from here on out, this webcomic is just packed with stuff I can’t wait to show you. Thanks for coming on this crazy ride with us!


(PS: The plot of the prequel was hinted at, pretty subtly, at one point in the pirate arc. Anyone care to make a guess on what Skärva’s plan might involve?)