I want to believe Skärva himself made that drawing of Blank, but I don’t know. And yes, the Lurkins were hiding there the whole time.

Fun facts: Some of the characters in this comic have been drawn before. The EMT Lurkins are here and they’re both based off of some dedicated EMTs I knew in college.

The flish is actually one of our reader characters. His name is Angus, he was created by Venndy and he was actually the first one I think! We have three so far and they’re all going to be immortalized in this special story. Remember, if you donate a certain amount you can get a cameo or a character in the comic too! We plan to print this story, so your donations are more important than ever. Unlike the pirate arc, there’s going to be plenty of opportunities for cameos and peripheral minions here. I’m also planning on making a reader character gallery on the site sometime soon so no one will forget about them!

(Also the lady ghost is one of Ecta’s jerk roommates. The dude ghost is the only one I made up as I went along.)