You might notice something a little different since the last update! Yes, we have a new banner, but the main reason for that is that we’ve

E X P A N D E D !

Comics from this chapter forward will be WIDER than ever, and I had to make a new header to accommodate!

Also, reminder that you can access extra drawings, a fun and active discord chat, sketch requests, and even full-color commissions over at Patreon! I want to be able to share my most important creations with the world for free, but it’s also my dream to support myself doing the things I love eventually, so consider building up my confidence a bit and reaping some considerable rewards for yourself.

AND if you just want to hang, I’m still streaming one of my favorite games (Super Paper Mario) on Monday/Tuesday nights. Come by for a story about a misfit group of villains who want to destroy the universe. It’s also got Mario characters in it too or something. I also stream many other things, including – increasingly – working on the comic! So you never know when you might get a sneak peek at the next pagie.