So! Funny story! I was supposed to get ahead on things this week, BUT THEN I experienced the worst stomach illness I’ve had in years, leading to a lot of unpleasantness I won’t discuss and rendering me completely unable to eat anything but bread and oatmeal for three days. So THAT is what fueled this page. It’s kind of a miracle this comic got done at all, but hey, I needed something to distract myself from the whirling vortex of pain that my stomach had become.

On a brighter note, I like this page, despite the circumstances under which it was made. It shows a little of the affection and understanding that Wings and Goldgills have with each other (they’re basically like brother and sister). This is also the second comic in a row where I’ve had Wings pop up in the bottom left corner, except she’s sinking further and further down. Next time it’ll just be her eyeball.