Ahoy everyone! I really needed a small break after going extremely hard on the past ten pages, so I decided to spend the weekend making some much-needed site updates. There’s some content here I think you’ll be interested in, so read on! (Although this page will likely be deleted from the archives eventually.)

Cast page: the main reason I feel comfortable in substituting this for a normal update is that I’ve finally updated the cast page with the character reference images I made recently. But most importantly, if you scroll down to the bottom you’ll see some brand new bios for the crew of the Tailfin! This is some pretty meaty info on the characters we’ve been sitting down with for the past few weeks (…and also Cinder), and if you don’t follow my twitter (or you missed it there), it’ll be new to you.

Fan art: We’ve received some lovely fan art lately, so I’ve updated the page for the first time in a while! Newest stuff is at the top. As always, I can’t adequately express my immense gratitude when someone likes our characters enough to draw them – seriously, it fills my whole heart. Makes it grow, even! Give it a look!

Minor fixes: I removed the link to our defunct facebook page that’s never going to be updated again because I don’t like facebook and don’t have one anymore. I also removed some links in the Worldbuilding page that were dead and, unfortunately, seem to be unrecoverable. These linked to my old tumblr account which I lost access to several years ago when tumblr forced a password change on me and I realized it was linked to an old email address that I could no longer get into… and it seems the blogs have been wiped somehow. Thankfully it was nothing mega important, mainly just a few musings on my inspirations and the like. Finally, I added Heir of Silverskull to the Chapter Jump page.

This is just round one of a whole bunch of other changes I’ll be making when I get the time. Priority 1 is to update the “New Here?” page since it was originally intended to explain what was going on with the comic around the time of Chapter Zero, and now is in itself out of date. Priority 2 is to re-illustrate the encyclopedia entries, as the info in them is eternally relevant but my illustrations for them are almost a decade old and haven’t really held up. I’ll also likely make a few tweaks to their writing, with Victor’s help; not really retcons but just better ways to phrase things here and there based on how our understanding of Idenau has evolved a bit. I’ll keep you up to date with any other changes I make, although it hopefully won’t require a whole update unto itself, like this.

See you Friday for the next page! Until then, I hope the cast bios help you understand the crew better!