Seriously, the afterlife rejected Ecta. She was too intense for them. (*not really* *the afterlife in Idenau doesn’t really work like that*)

Skärva really hams it up when it comes to being a lord, but he can be pretty casual with his minions sometimes too. We’re talkin’ pajamas casual. I mean, the ghosts have known him since he was a little shark baby in little shark diapers, so what are you gonna do?

I changed the speech bubbles back; however, I am working on some subtle changes in my lineart.

Points to Chameon and Bubbles for guessing they’d be going to a demon bar, which is close enough. No one guessed that he’d be put in charge, though! ;) Darkjessie also guessed that something would happen to Ecta, although that’s not WHY Davis is happy.