We’re running some ads for the comic again today, so if you’re new be sure to say hi! The recent donations listed below have allowed us to do this, so be sure to thank those people too.


We’ve had a few generous and wonderful donors (one of them EXTREMELY so, wow!!) lately, but they were too humble to request cameos! I give thanks to Trevor, Sheryl and guy-who-intended-to-remain-anonymous with all my heart. But if you’re not that humble, it’s totally cool to pay us to stick you (or an Idenian of your design) into this comic! The money all goes back to the website, advertising, and heck – maybe even helping me on my way to the next step of tablet so I can gain a level in professionalism. Just click on the “rewards” tab for details!

By the way, I feel like mentioning that one of my very favorite story webcomics is about to hit its 300th page. If you like The Fourth, I’m willing to bet you’ll like Beyond the Canopy, which deserves a lot more love. So if any of you are looking for something new to read, you should take your commenting prowess over there!