Whoa- hey!

Some stuff has happened since the last update.

Victor and I got engaged in April! Can you believe we haven’t actually been married this whole time? Well, that’s gonna change!

So, what happened to the comic this past… year? Well, not to get too personal… there are a variety of reasons for the hiatus, but above all, I was exploring some stuff for my mental health which ended up conferring certain benefits, and helping me see things in a new light, but also made concentrating on art a heck of a lot harder, especially a webcomic that demands like 15 hours per page. At first, I didn’t want to believe it was affecting me in such a way, but it’s kind of obvious looking back at the last few pages’ descriptions… “Wow I really can’t concentrate at all, haha! I don’t know what’s going on!” I say after starting medication that changes one’s brain chemistry. Hmm! The point is: I continue to explore what works best for my life, and for more than just creative reasons, realized that avenue was probably not it. (Plus: are fight scenes so intimidating that I may have scared myself away for nine months? Possibly.)

On the note of exploring what works best for me: I’ve done some thinking about the comic as I prepared to bring it back, and decided it would be more helpful for me to view this project as a graphic novel I’m telling at the quickest rate I can, rather than a “webcomic” adhering to the once-strict rules I had set for myself. I will now, for the time being, be updating new pages whenever they are done. That means some will take more than a week. Some will take less than a week! And they will be uploaded on any day I feel like! It all depends on how difficult the page in question is and how much else I have going on in my life.

If you want to know when a new update has dropped, you can just check back from time to time- or you can follow me on one of these places!

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I will be making an effort to reliably post in each of these places whenever there’s a new update.

Happy Normafest! Sending all my love to our ever-patient and ever-amazing readers.


(PS: If anyone can comment what the title is a reference to, you win uh… even more love!!)

(PPS: Victor and I highly recommend Super Mario RPG.)